Symptoms Of A Dead-End Relationship

Symptoms Of A Dead-End Relationship

Some bright red flags are indicating a dead end relationship. If you encounter any such situations, it may be time to take a step back and evaluate your relationship and get your head out of denial. Remember that there is no point in entertaining a relationship which does not serve you any value. Given below are some major red flags to consider.

Your relationship has shifted in a negative direction

Every couple typically starts with being fascinated by each other which usually lasts for around 6-8 months. After the initial relationship euphoria has begun to fade, chances of toxic relationship arise. When this happens, you will experience frequent arguments with no clarity in communication without any mutual respect. It is a big red flag of an unhealthy relationship. Lack of physical intimacy is also another major sign depicting that the relationship has begun to fade and move in a more negative direction. Even in situations where there is sex present among all toxicities, it will lack the emotional connection and comfort and become more of physical activity.

You tend to feel unhappy and unsatisfied

When sustaining with a dead end and toxic relationship, you tend to experience feelings of unhappiness, being emotionally numb, anxiety and even depression. If you argue consistently over the same matter over and over again without any room for improvement, it may be time to evaluate your situation and get yourself out of it with a hope of gaining real happiness outside the unhealthy relationship.

Your tolerance is significantly less

Couples drowning in a dead end relationship typically experience erratic behaviors such a little to no tolerance on anything their partner does. Always arguing and fighting without hope of ending the argument, rarely talk about the future of their relationship and do not seem to enjoy each other’s company anymore.


You have a persistent feeling that it isn’t right

Another major red flag indicating an unhealthy relationship is the constant and persistent feeling of something is not right between you and your partner and the whole relationship has changed for the worse from initially how it was. You realize that it may be time to throw in the towel on hopes of improvement in the relationship but cannot get your head to wrap around the idea of ending it as well. This is a clear statement of denial and should seriously consider your options of leaving the relationship.

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