Common Errors to Avoid when Buying Sex Toys Online

Common Errors to Avoid when Buying Sex Toys Online

Although sex toys are no longer a taboo, you could not find them in the racks of your local stores like Walmart. Of course, you wouldn’t want your kids pointing at a dildo and asking you to buy some. Moreover, some adults are still shy and sensitive about sex-related materials. While you can’t find these items at department stores, you can usually get them at online stores.

Indeed, online adult stores are quite convenient. You can shop anytime and anywhere you are. Likewise, if you feel shy stepping inside a physical adult store since it is your first time doing so, online stores will make your shopping spree discreet. And, online adult stores have a wide selection of sex toys.

You have to be careful about shopping for sex toys online. Choose wisely and follow these tips to avoid selecting poor quality products that could pose danger to your health.

Be careful in shopping for sex toys online. Choose wisely to avoid picking poor quality products that could pose danger to health.

Buying Sex Toys at Amazon and eBay

When it comes to online shopping, most people think of going to Amazon, eBay, and other similar online markets. There is nothing wrong with these stores; however, it is not a good place to buy sex toys. These stores are rife with counterfeit adult toys. Chances are you will get a poor-quality product or worse, a fake one.

The best place to shop for sex toys is at legit stores like the Simpli Pleasure. This marketplace has a wide collection of adult toys for men, women, and couples. This store only sells marital aids coming from reputable brands like Pipedream, California Exotics, LELO, and Pure Wand. You can guarantee that this store is an approved retailer of these products.

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Not Checking the Toxicity of the Item

Most adult toys are made of synthetic materials. Before buying a sex toy, make sure it does not contain harmful chemicals such as BPA and Phthalates. Moreover, know if the item is durable and won’t cause issues when inside sensitive body areas.

The safest option for a sex toy includes silicone, metal, and glass. Also, choose sex toys with labels, BPA free and zero Phthalates.

Indiscreet Shipping

No sane person would want their shipping to come in a big box stamped with ‘Dildo, Vibrators, and All Things Dominatrix Shop’ in big bold letters. The good news is, most reliable adult stores are aware of this.

Hence, when you go shopping for a vibrator or dildo, find out if the store offers discreet shipping. Feel free to ask the store for assurance.

Buying Items without Reading Reviews

Product reviews coming from online sources and buyers are extremely helpful. You can use it as a guide in selecting which adult toy to buy. Moreover, you can avoid picking out low-quality products using these reviews.


Do not go on a dildo shopping spree only because you stumbled upon a sale. Practice extra caution and follow the above tips to guarantee your safety.

If you have questions regarding sex toys, the Simpli Pleasure can provide you answers. Check out their website for additional details.

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