Are Silicone Dildos Safe?

Are Silicone Dildos Safe?

The whole sex toy industry is under the classification of novelty items. Therefore, the FDA does not regulate these items, unlike how they carefully test and classify items like health products, cosmetics, and many other consumable goods.

In this effect, many buyers make the mistake of purchasing harmful sex toys. Some companies use these harmful and often toxic materials when manufacturing adult toys in the hopes of selling cheap products and earning more sales. Thus, if you are not careful, chances are you might buy a dildo that could harm your skin, or worse, risk your health.

One way to avoid purchasing toxic dildos is by looking into the chemical makeup of the product. Check out the item’s packaging to find out its content. Also, reading product reviews can help you learn more about the product.

Some dildos and many other sex toys contain phthalates. This chemical is commonly used in manufacturing adult toys because of its ability to bind the plastic and increase its flexibility. Moreover, many plastic dildos use BPA, rubber, and other synthetic materials that are harmful to health. Thus, you must completely avoid sex toys with such content.

The Silicone Dildo

Dildos vary in size, texture, shape, and design. Some have that vibrant color and weird design that will make you question the material. Meanwhile, some dildos are extremely realistic, from its appearance, feel, and structure.

If you prefer realistic dildos, beware of such products with high phthalates, rubber, and jelly content. These materials are common in these items because it enhances the toy’s realistic appearance and sensation. To avoid such a product, choose a realistic looking dildo made from silicone.

Silicone is 100% safe. It is a hypoallergenic material. Therefore, it won’t cause skin problems, especially for those with a sensitive type of skin. Silicone is also soft and comfortable to touch. This material is durable and will last longer compare to unsafe jelly dildos.

With a silicone dildo, you can assure both of you and your partner are safe when using the item.

What are the Best Realistic Silicone Dildos? 

To help you find a high-quality silicone dildo that is worth spending money, below are the top recommendations this year.

  • RealCock2 

The RealCock2 is by far the best realistic pure silicone dildo in the market today. It resembles the real thing complete with solid balls, veiny shaft, and a bulbous head. The product also features triple layering and moving shaft for a realistic feel and satisfying penetration.

  • Vixen Slimline

If the first option is a bit expensive for your budget, the best alternative to it is Vixen Slimline’s realistic dildo. This product is pure silicone and has a smooth feel. Moreover, it is flexible and rotates at every angle to provide more stimulation.

  • Doc Johnson

Doc Johnson is one of the most popular brands of adult toys in the market because of their high-quality and safe products. And the Doc Johnson 12-inches realistic dildo is not an exception. This product is perfect for buyers who are searching for intense pleasure and mind-blowing stimulation.


In a nutshell, silicone dildos are the safest option out there. If you want to buy a dildo online, make sure to choose a silicone dildo.

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